Hashfield DDC Features

Turn Key Project

Build a quick data center project of your choosing. Leave the construction to us, a quick project deployment, and start your business immediately, rather than wait for months to build, and waste your cashflow gap.

Local Support

It is easier to get customer support in their local time zone especially where their data center located in their region, rather thant they are on the opposite side of the world

Flexible Data Center

Our Data Centers consist of small module containers, strong, yet high mobility and easily deployed in any places. This could improve the fast scalability to provide today's high demand of data center

Secure & Safe

3 Layers of physical access security in each data center, only registered user can enter the facility. Unify Threat Management, Firewall and DDos Protection, Fire Protections, everything is to make your assets secured and sustained for longer time

Shorter Access, Lower Latency

With our mission to place multiple and decentralized data center across the world, we provide services geographically closer to end users, so it can be acessed switfly and seamlessly like a private server in your own backyard. Great for streaming and IoT services..

Resilience, Zero Downtime

Our architecture support multiple compact duplication or cache across data center. If there is an outage in one of the data center, it will not impact the users. This architecture is very efficient and can be compared to an expensive Tier IV data center. but we can have more with the same cost.

Data Secured with Interplanetary File System

With IFS technology, your data is encrypted and partially spread across multiple data center. We emulate your data in a single contained environment logically, but spread physically, so no more single point of failure, because it is never whole in one locaiton. When using this kind of technology it is much safer than placing your server in your own property.

Green Environment and Lower Costs

With our Green Energy concept, we can reach below 1.10 PUE, causing to lower the total maintenance cost down to 83% than any conventional Data Center, The Strategy of Many Small Computers may have made the commodity cost cheaper by mass production, and more powerful computing power than One Big Computer

Blockchain and Machine Learning Platform Ready

One of the advantage of Blockchain platform is to secure unhackable data asset, like financial records, asset certificates, Intellectual properties, and blockchain works best when in a decentralized data center environment. All our data centers are ready to be the platform of all Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning framework and support all IoT Solutions,
Our Data Center is supported by latest technologies

To provide the best solution for our customers, Hashfield dedicates the best service possible with supporting features and advantages to enhance user experience and satisfaction.